Cop The Lot Slot

Without a doubt, nearly everybody is fascinated with bank robbery idea. Sometimes you can be left wondering how the robbers managed to make a strategy, execute and be able to get away with millions of dollars from a highly secured bank. Cop the Lot, one of the most interesting casino game is here and is trying to bring more fun in ‘‘bank robberies’’ with the aim of making you richer by winning huge bonuses.

We all know that bank robbery is no joke, but Blueprint gaming wants to enlighten the mood by making this comical. The slot machine involves cops and robbers and what you should do is try to collect multipliers as you are being chased by the police. The game has free spins features, and you can be given up to 50 free spins.

With as little as 0.25 you can win yourself over 300 credits. The game consists of 5 reels and 20 payline and a progressive jackpot. In addition, the game constitutes three exciting bonus features. Once you have loaded the cop the slot online machine, you are presented with intriguing animation that clearly showcases the bonus features you are likely to find when spinning the reels.

Playing Cop the Lot Slot Machine Online

For a fact, it is designed with 3D graphics and when combined with its top of the art software technology, it brings about absolute perfection that you will enjoy. Playing the game is not complicated, and with the right strategies and combinations, you can easily win.

  • Cop the Lot Symbols

The game consists of symbols with jolly primary colours. With this, the game presents piles of game logos, cash, safes, dynamite, policeman’s helmet and look alike inept robbers. You can get this with $1 and progressive jackpot amount and three bonus rounds. There’s still plenty to enjoy.

  • The Gold Jackpot

Cop the Lot slot machine has quite some juicy jackpots. Upon managing to hit three or more policemen’s hat and scatter them, you are awarded with a cops and robbers bonus. Your robbers just have to travel around picking up bonuses as they are being chased by the policemen. The mega jackpot is worth 1,000,000 credits, and you only get this after catching three gold faces.

In case you get caught, you are taken to court. Once found guilty, you turn automatically comes to an end and you can choose to begin afresh. However, when you are found not guilty, you will get another chance to continue playing.

  • The Millionaires Row

You can easily win 500 times the jackpot amount in Cop the Lot. This is why it is called the millionaires’ row. Once you collect three keys during the round on your play lines. The usual suspect features are triggered by line-up icon robbers that are either three or more. What you just have to do is to get a bonus from the suspects before you reveal the prize multiplier.

  • The Final free spins

This is the last step in Cop the Lot game. After successfully hitting more than three safe icons on the reel, you will finally reach the ‘smash and grab’ feature. This is awesome because you will get straight free spins and get to pick your spins first. There are special reels used. They have also included wild bonus and wilds.

Strategies on How to Win in Cop the Lot

The slot has numerous bonuses that you can’t afford to lose as a punter. To avoid this from happening, just ensure that you apply working tips and rules. The RTP of 94.18% will also help you. Apart from winning, you will have fun which is the uttermost goal of the game. I’m saying this because the game consists of a brilliant design with very funny drawn and animated symbols and buttons that will make your day.

Playing Cop the Lot for real money and winning will require you to use the progressive jackpot secret. You will get extra spins which means more bonus hence leading to bigger payouts. They are mainly three steps.

  1. In the midst of the robber and cops games, first, ensure that you have collected three or more gold safes.

  2. When you have reached the next stage of Smash ‘N’ grab free spins, try to accumulate at least 5 gold safes.

  3. The last stage is to reveal a golden identity card. You should be able to do this during the usual suspect bonus option.

These are the three methods you can use to secure yourself a higher chance of winning the golden jackpot in Cop the Lot free. These are not cheats as many players have ever won using the above strategies.

In 2012, there were such noticeable wins at the casinos online with over three players winning over $ 100,000 with the highest taking home a whooping slightly over $189,000. The interesting part is that one of them used the Cop the Lot casino slot online and still won the huge amount.

Many of the players are just so much obsessed with winning the jackpot. However, blueprint gaming is so generous that they have designed the game that the jackpot can be scooped in three different ways so that it can increase your chance of winning.

The Final Verdict

All in all, Cop in the Lot is a slot that is completely formed by perfect graphics. The bonus games are funny, yeah, but the prizes on the offers are completely mind-blowing. This is the game that waits for you to win mega jackpots.